Samsung Galaxy A9 release date, price rumors: Possible price is around $500


The flood of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S7 continues unabated.

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 may be released earlier than initially expected, based on information leaked by a Chinese network provider.

The Galaxy S7 will run Android Marshmellow with a TouchWiz skin on it, like the previous models.

ClearForce may enable new options for scrolling, panning and zooming, editing photos and other features that can be enabled with an additional level of pressure.

A tipster on YouTube shared a video which revealed most of the useful functionality with respect to edge screen in Galaxy S6 Edge.

The phenomenal Galaxy Note 4, which stands at an impressive 5.7 inches has outsold the iPhone 6s Plus, and its 5.5 inch display. Samsung has an exclusive access to the SoC till April 2016. As per leaks obtained via China Mobile, it is now being anticipated that the phones are going to come out into the markets in the month of March. This effectively confirms a release date that has been widely speculated.

"Consumers are worn out about new phone features that they can't easily relate to any improvement in their personal use cases", said Patrick Moorhead, an analyst at Moore Insights & Strategy. A patent by Samsung pointed to modular camera pieces, too, though there hasn't been overwhelming evidence that we'll see that in the Galaxy S7 just yet.

Other rumors suggest support of USB Type-C, giving the phone the ability to charge faster and allowing you to plug the cable either way round.

The Galaxy Note 5 received excellent reviews on its arrival.

Several reports claim that Samsung might launch the device at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which takes place from February 22-25. However, it will certainly not make an appearance at CES in January. An S7 Edge will also be available.


Samsung Pay will be heading to more smartphones in the United States next year, according to the mobile payments service's global co-general manager Thomas Ko. The S6's software is its best yet, while the rear camera is one of the best on the market.