LG G5 May Have Secondary Display And 'Magic Slot' Port


Now a new report discussing the LG G5 gives us some further news on the device. It is believed that the LG G5 will be coming in with a 5.3 inch Quad HD screen that will come with a secondary ticker display like the one they offered on the LG V10. The leaked camera setup on the G5 might be the most interesting thing about the new device, with a 16 MP dual-lens setup that can take regular pictures and 135-degree wide angle shots.

Then there is the new Magic Slot which will be able to support accessories like VR headset and more. This slot will allow users to attach hardware modules like cameras, audio amplifiers or physical keyboards among others.

The G5's SoC will be Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820, while memory and internal storage remains at 3GB and 32GB respectively. The handset is also expected to include a fingerprint sensor on the rear and it will be running the Android Marshmallow OS. Besides that, a big change in the LG G5 is the ditching of the leather back build in favor of an all-metal unibody akin the HTC One M9.

The timeframe for the phone's release remains vague, but the LG G4 was released in April of past year. Unlike the leather back on the LG G4, the G5 is expected to feature metal body with the same design language as earlier G-series devices. This smartphone has the unusual addition of a secondary 2.1-inch display with 1040 x 160 resolution to go with its 5.7-inch main QHD display.


Shedding more light on the camera, the report added, "In between the two lenses is a circle with a quartet of elements in a square configuration, according to the briefed individual, who was also shown images of the upcoming flagship". The camera will also sport a dual-LED flash and two different laser assisted autofocus elements.