Jeb Bush Blames Obama for Trump's Rise


Bush's presidential campaign released a web videoon Wednesday that sarcastically wished Trump, the Republican front-runner, a happy 2016 while calling him the 'chaos candidate'. "Any time. Any place'".

Republican Gov. Rick Scott supported expanding the Medicaid rolls in 2013, but the Republican House-led by then-Speaker Will Weatherford-blocked that effort (Scott later opposed legislation that would have expanded Medicaid under different conditions). At a campaign appearance in Florida Monday, Bush challenged Trump to a one-on-one debate. "Donald Trump is a jerk".

Mr. Bush said he disagreed with Mr. Obama's belief that Mr. Trump is "exploiting" blue-collar workers and their anxieties to manifest as xenophobia and intolerance, an opinion the president expressed in an earlier interview with NPR this month. He said Trump would "never be president".

He called the Islamic State "the threat of our time". Whether or not ISIS is the greatest threat that we have in terms of the world, that's debatable. And in my case, you know, look, I'm a conservative.

Over the summer, as Bush formally launched his campaign and the size of the Right to Rise financial war chest was revealed, many supporters and outside observers speculated that ultimately the PAC would devote most of its resources to advertising while the campaign focused on candidate travel and voter outreach. In the embedded video, a person asks about the role of the selfie in politics. Forget that. Now, it's 'I want my damn selfie.'"3". But, he said, "they shouldn't stay, plain and simple. We need someone who projects tough leadership". "It doesn't matter what their motivation is".

Bush said another focus would be the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, citing the scandal in which many veterans died while waiting for medical care. "I don't think I have to win any of them, 'cause we're organized in each one state", he stated.

But after the rally, Grosvenor said she was sold on Bush. At the Forum Club luncheon he wore a suit. Marco Rubio and former Gov. Jeb Bush.

Carson Dec debate

At the Palm Beach Convention Center, Bush fielded a wide range of questions about China, Cuba, cyber security, and immigration. "Am I right?" he said, as the audience cheered in agreement.

And the nature of the available information about candidates may change when they launch attacks against one another.

Indeed, New Hampshire, which traditionally holds the first presidential primary, has a history of unpredictability, resurrecting candidates given up for dead, spurning front-runners or elevating also-rans with late-developing shifts in sentiment. "He isn't the shrillest". Perhaps it's time for Jeb Bush to put the filter back on! "What more could you ask for?"

"It [government] is too big, too incompetent", said Bush. The other guys in the race have been a little more reticent, in general, about going after Trump. He said he understood people were angry, but that divisiveness was not the answer. "He was very good, very animated, forceful in his delivery".


Bush sought to cast himself as a battle-tested leader with specific policy ideas as he struggles to overtake higher-polling, headline-grabbing primary opponents including Donald Trump. "I certainly don't count Jeb out".