How Much Money You Saved on Gas in 2015


This is a spike for motorists in Rochester residents, in Minnesota the average gas price is going down. Those lower gas prices have put a lot of money back in your pocket.

The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in San Diego County rose Thursday for the 15th consecutive day, increasing 1.5 cents to $3.034.

It gets better: 2016's average prices are expected to be below those seen in 2015: $2.36 versus $2.40 for a gallon of regular unleaded, according to the federal Energy Information Administration. It’s been replaced, at least for this week, by Chico’s average of $2.477, seven-tenths of a cent less than Yuba City, says the AAA.

No one paid as much as Californians for gas this year.

The Chico-Paradise market also boasts the lowest price for a gallon of gas that is reported on New Year’s Eve – just $2.139 per gallon, found at three retailers, according to the price comparison website

AAA Hawaiʻi reports that Wailuku's average is $3.25, four cents less than last Thursday, five cents less than last month and 50 cents less than at this time a year ago.

· The annual average price of gas in recent years was $3.34 (2014), $3.49 (2013), $3.60 (2012), $3.51 (2011), $2.78 (2010) and $2.35 (2009). Refineries will soon shut down for seasonal maintenance, which could drive prices up a bit by the end of the season, AAA said.

Anyone who has filled up lately is likely not shocked at the notion that California has expensive gas relative to the rest of the nation. The average price in Houston was $1.74. Prices shown are combined averages of last card swipe of previous day. There now is a glut of crude oil around the world that has grown faster than demand, and that situation is unlikely to change significantly as Iranian oil enters the marketplace and because the global economy is growing at a relatively weak pace.