Google Promotes Android, iOS Apps on Main Page


Whether it's quitting a bad habit or building a healthy new one, check out these five apps to help you reach your goals. More countries will be able to use Android Pay in 2016, wherever tap and pay, is available.

Have you been using Android Pay?

If you think the search giant does not do enough for iOS users, think again. Try disconnecting and reconnecting to the network (via aeroplane mode or a device restart) or just move to a place where you've got a stronger signal.

Recently, security researchers at Symantec Corp identified a malware family that attacks Android devices located in China and blocks security apps along with transferring private data from the device to its command servers. The Internet firm has 62 different iPhone apps and 47 iPad apps.

Next on their list is Agenda: Widget+, an iPhone app that sells for $0.99, that further improves the convenience of using the iOS 9's calendar by displaying upcoming events in the widget, visibility settings per each calendar, number of events and range filter settings, and displaying details of events that are customizable, courtesy of BGR. Quit That! is available for iOS users. Perhaps a handy one for all those times when you find yourself scrambling around for your phone in a darkened room.

Of course it's perfectly possible to switch from iOS to Android or from Android to iOS - in fact, it's never been easier - but you should only really swap if you're sick of your iPhone or Android and really want a change. The update has only begun rolling out, so don't worry if you don't see the option on your favorite app right away. Tap on it. A ten-digit code will be generated.

Just like in Android.Spywaller's case, DroidWall can be used to block security applications from communicating with their cloud-based threat analysis servers, rendering the security apps useless, and giving the malware free and unscathed access to the device.

It then loads DroidWall, a binary, which is a modified version of the UNIX iptable package that is compatible with Android devices.

Initiate the transfer and sit back and relax.

Several issues, from unsent texts to slow web page loading, relate to a dodgy data connection - it's more likely to be your Wi-Fi or your phone network to blame than the actual device itself.