Activision Blizzard Acquires MLG for $46 Million


It was announced that Mike Sepso, co-founder of the popular esports company Major League Gaming, would now work as Senior Vice President for Activision's new esports venture.

In essence, this marks the end of the traditional eSports firm, who dominated the North American competitive gaming scene over the last decade, later losing their following and partnerships to various competitors.

As per the report, the MLG Board of Directors gave its approval to an Asset Purchase Agreement - to grant a large majority of the e-sports company's assets to Activision for the price of $46 million - at a special meeting held on December 21, 2015.

Major League Gaming's future is now somewhat hazy, with this massive change having taken place.

In 2002, DiGiovanni and Mike Sepso founded MLG and throughout the years it's regularly hosted professional gaming tournaments, broken into the streaming business, and helped bring eSports to television and the mainstream. MLG opened up the first United States professional gaming arena in OH, with another planned to open in China by 2017.

This deal essentially dissolves MLG as we know it, with MLG CEO Sundance DiGiovanni leaving his role and being replaced with the CFO, Greg Chisholm. It's been a key reason behind eSports becoming a televised "sport", as well as a legitimate form of professional competition. In 2015, it lost hosting rights for Call of Duty World League's Pro Division to Activision-backed ESL.

As report by RegalTribune, Even though MLG is viewed by the general public as more of a meme instead of anything else, Major League Gaming is a rather important part of the e-sports scene. broke the news today that Activision has just purchased all MLG's assets and the company will be absorbed into their own esports company.