Wiz Khalifa Announces "Project Khalifa"


If you're still bumping Cabin Fever 3, then you'll be looking forward to even more new Wiz Khalifa music in 2016.

The 28-year-old musician released a video, telling viewers that he will unveil his next musical project "Project Khalifa" next year, reported Digital Spy. He first clarified that the new project is only called Khalifa, not Project Khalifa as some publications had previously reported.

This news comes after his already announced forthcoming album, Rolling Papers 2, which he kind of skimmed over in this video.

Wiz was very active in 2015 despite not releasing an album.

On top of that, Wiz garnered three Grammy nominations, including Song of the Year for "See You Again", as well as a Golden Globe nod for Original Song.