Underestimated Demand Caused Xbox One Elite Controller Shortage


The problem lies in the amount of frames that are rendered on-screen per second. Xbox One owners report serious quality issues. It will be a great option for people who are set to buy their first Xbox One since this version of the console comes with the 1TB hybrid solid-state and traditional hard drive, giving the console a performance boost of up to 20 percent when booting up and loading games.

The issues with framerate don't seem isolated at all. With no new stocks coming in, gamers have no choice but to wait for Microsoft to produce or just purchase the Xbox One Elite model console for $500. As such, the company didn't anticipate how popular the item would be this holiday season. Xbox 360 games on sale include "Castle Crashers", "Minecraft", "FIFA 16", "WWE 2K16", and a few of the LEGO series and Call of Duty series. Hopefully this means more games that work better in the future.

Delivering the games themselves isn't enough. The next group of games made available should be released next month. Many leveled criticisms at the company then too, questioning why the overwhelming majority of titles added to the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Program were predominately downloadable titles from Xbox Live Arcade, not full titles from a third-party developer.

Yesterday, Microsoft gave us a look at the new batch of discounted games as part of their Countdown to 2016 sale.


While the framerate is not an issue for every title, it should be something to consider before getting these games for the Xbox One. Members of the Xbox Live Gold Members can also get their hands on the marked games with gold titles as they are already compatible with the feature.