Texas grocery giant HEB posts signs banning open carry


H-E-B said Thursday it will not allow openly carried handguns in its stores when Texas' open carry law goes into effect January 1.

"The only change we are making is that, as of today, the policy is posted on the entrances of all our Texas stores", officials said.

"I don't know why in a grocery store I would need to open carry", Leigh Cutter, a San Antonio mother and concealed handgun owner, told KENS.

The state's top hamburger retailer, Whataburger, announced they would prohibit openly carried handguns from their stores, shortly after the legislation was signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Breitbart Texas reported.

"Pursuant to Section 30.07, Penal Code (trespass by license holder with an openly carried handgun), a person licensed under Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code (handgun licensing law), may not enter this property with a handgun that is carried openly", the notice reads. In order to obtain that license, the gun owner also must successfully complete a training course given by an instructor who is certified by the state.

"As a retailer of alcohol, long guns and unlicensed guns are prohibited on our property under the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission rules", according to the grocer's statement. It will be replaced by the License to Carry (LTC) as residents of the Lone Star State renew or apply to carry a weapon.

"We've had many customers and employees tell us they're uncomfortable being around someone with a visible firearm who is not a member of law enforcement", Atkinson said.

"People will drive without a license", said Executive Director Charley Wilkison of the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, the state's largest law-enforcement officers' union.

Gun owners are responsible for finding out ahead of time where they may or may not be able to carry openly displayed weaponry.

Other businesses are opposed to open carry, and some have said the law's requirement to post a sign is "cumbersome".

The idea of customers sticking to their guns, regarding open carry, is a little troublesome for some of those in the banking industry. 

Andy Pelosi, a spokesman for the group Campaign to Keep Guns off Campus, said while his side succeeded in heading off most of the efforts, they don't think they've won the issue by any means.