Odd-even formula: Dry run on Wednesday


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has clarified while announcing the scheme that he and his cavalcade will not avail the exemption offered to the VIPs. The bench also asked the government to submit data on the pollution levels and vehicles plying during the fortnight starting from January 1.

"The Delhi government is also building by-pass corridors to avoid trucks (Haryana and Uttar Pradesh route only) entering Delhi". "Even stopping or asking someone on the road to return is an IPC crime", said CP Bassi.

Noting that the Delhi government's plan was an effort to confront the city's severe air pollution problems, the embassy in a statement said although vehicles with diplomatic plates are officially exempt from this policy, it will take the measures in support of efforts to reduce air pollution. "The transport minister has assured us that around 5,000 to 6,000 volunteers will be at our disposal", Bassi said. In the coordination trial run, it would be decided as to where would the civil defence, traffic police teams and SDMs teams would be deployed.

Rai said volunteers to be deployed by the government will be tasked to create awareness about the campaign on major crossings and that they will not be authorized to stop any vehicles.

"Delhi Police will assist odd-even implementation to protect environment". "So, the time Delhi Police got to contemplate on the scheme was quite sufficient". Traffic management in Delhi, in general, has several dimensions.

Earlier, CP Bassi had warned the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) volunteers to keep the idea of Rule of Law and Vigilantism at bay. Addressing the volunteers, he said they should focus on "changing hearts" by resorting to polite tactics like handing over flowers to violators.

For instance, if a person gets off a Metro train in unknown area, he or she can search for bus or Metro routes with the help of the micro-blogging site, the Minister said.


However, he confirmed that there would be a rehearsal of the Formula on 31 December from 9 am to 11 am only by the Coordination Committee.