NBA Finals rematch goes to the defending champs


"We just show our versatility and try to win different ways".

"But I'm trying to win the game, so I want to try anything I can to get them out of their rhythm, limit their possessions as much as I can, put them to sleep".

Friday night's Cavs-Warriors NBA Finals rematch looked eerily similar to the six-game series in June where the Golden State Warriors emerged as victors. Because Curry is so unbelievable at shooting the three, so skilled at getting off his shot quickly and in tight windows, so effective from any range... it's the three-pointer that is becoming the highlight play. Despite the Cavilers outscoring the Warriors 23 to 17, they only held the lead once as the half ended with Golden State up 45-42.

Reigning MVP Stephen Curry left the Warriors bench in the second quarter to get his right calf re-taped after playing the entire first period and scoring eight points. C Timofey Mozgov had zero points on 0-for-5 shooting.

The game posted a regular-season records in both the Cleveland (21.2 rating) and San Francisco (16.0) markets and logged 11 million total minutes streamed on WatchESPN.

In spite of the fact that they are an otherworldly 28-1, the Warriors aren't shy to engage in any kind of perceived criticism that comes their way.

"I don't think we've played well", power forward Draymond Green said.

In the 22 minutes he was in the game, Shaun Livingston was 8-9 in his field goal attempts, adding up to 16 points with three rebounds and two assists.

Whether his game on Friday was actually "horrible" or just maybe a less-than-stellar display than his usual is a matter of opinion, but James's harsh self-critique should not come as a surprise considering he recently declared himself "the best player in the world" in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

"That's pretty special to be on that little shortlist and just being able to celebrate the end of 2015, which was a great year for me and my team and the organization", Curry said. Walton said he is always concerned when his star has any injury but Curry said this will not be a long-term issue. "I can't even do it".

While American Pharoah got three more first-place votes than Curry's 24, Curry appeared on 86 percent of the 82 ballots that ranked the top five candidates.