JJ Abrams wishes he was directing Star Wars: Episode VIII


The base set told an original story set against the familiar backdrop of the prequel trilogy's "Clone Wars", while the "Rise Against the Empire" set played fast and loose with the story of "A New Hope".

The CGI and special effects are top notch, but never do they overtake the film.

Irrespective of the competition, "Star Wars" series has its own loyal fans in India who are anxiously awaiting its release. Spoilers will be discussed in this article. Happy? Then read on. She also later summons Anakin/Luke's lightsaber to her hand even though Ren is calling for it and both of these things fly in the face of everything we have seen about being Force sensitive in the previous films.

In "Darkness", Abrams casually threw in not one, but two huge problems for the series: interstellar beaming and magic dead-person-resurrecting blood.

With China yet to see the movie open, many movie buffs and industry insiders are holding their breath to see whether or not JJ Abrams' take on George Lucas' franchise will be a reasonable challenger to James Cameron's earth-shattering box office giant, Avatar, when it comes to final sales figures. DICE confirmed that the upcoming DLC for the multiplayer shooter will stick to the original Star Wars trilogy. Of course, the character was nowhere to be seen in the movie, but if the Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens book is to be believed, the filmmakers originally planned to include him. After introducing new characters for whom Han Solo, the Millennium Falcon has been legends and mythology, the ease with which the plot brings them all together is brilliant. Well, that's my first problem: Snoke. Only "Star Wars" fans will subject themselves to so many repeat viewings of something they don't like. We wanted those boxes checked, so do we really have the right to complain if it doesn't do much more?

Others are feverishly in love with "The Force Awakens", to the point where every point of criticism lodged at it is considered an act of treason.

The filmgoer achieved his remarkable feat by studying US Navy Seal breathing techniques, wearing shorts and a T-shirt to help stay awake in the air-conditioned auditorium, spacing his caffeine intake out in six-hour increments and snacking only on fruit and nuts to ensure he remained hungry. It looms over the whole story.

The ending scene of The Force Awakens shows Rey meeting up with Luke Skywalker for the first time.