How did University of Chicago alum fare in 'Survivor' finale? (spoilers ahead)


At tribal council that night, Spencer laid down the law and, without accusing Kimmi of having betrayed them, announced that he, Tasha, and Jeremy would vote together. Without the comfort of alliances, players were forced to assume or hope that they picked a viable bloc, but when they didn't, they were inevitably blindsided, because nearly nobody entered Tribal Council thinking they were stuck in a minority until the end of the game. Hmm, should I predict now that Spencer will be the victor of the season? Did you watch the last episode?

Wentworth's second chance came a year after her first attempt, in which she played alongside her father, Dale Wentworth, of Ephrata.

Collins and his wife appeared in Season 29 in Nicaragua.

Kelley made one big move this season, but it was the best one - a surprise idol play that sent Savage to the jury and kept her in the game. Keith, I felt like, had a chance to win immunity. Jeremy didn't try to over explain his game in tribal like Spencer or Tasha did. "Unpredictable. And ultimately satisfying", host and producer Jeff Probst said according to Entertainment Weekly. Wow, I never expected that, I wanted to see a few votes swing in Spencer's direction because he did indeed play a fantastic game.

A Cambridge firefighter has won the $1 million grand prize on this season's "Survivor", thrilling colleagues who praised his performance both on the show and on the job.

Collins was one of 20 contestants who competed in the latest incarnation of the game show, titled "Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance".

In the 31st iteration of the mother of all reality shows, Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance, Jeremy Collins was voted the victor by unanimous decision after a well-played game across 39 grueling days, beating out fellow contestants Spencer Bledsoe and Tasha Fox.

Spencer Bledsoe joined Fox and Collins in the final three.

"Second Chance" is done with its finale. I think it could've been close, I mean, I would've voted for Jeremy for sure, but I think it could've been close. He was angling for a final three with Keith and Kelley, Jeremy and Tasha think they have a final three deal with him, and he probably has a final three deal with everyone else who made the jury. The safe four players discussed who they thought should go home, and Keith chose to change his vote to Kimmi. "He's also won the most individual immunities out of the people left and he is making good strategic moves, so if he gets to the Final 3, he definitely has a good case for winning", the fan added. No one saw him as a serious challenge threat and Jeremy won the most important immunity, the final one.