GameStop's Used Next-Gen Bundle Could Save You $300


Santa's in the middle of his run, but you might want to get ahold of him if you're expecting a new video game console under the tree this year. For a single package that costs $570, customers will be able to get their hands on an Xbox...

You're getting the standard black 500 GB Xbox One and PS4 consoles, and the 32 GB black Wii U, as well as controllers for each system and all necessary cables.

Last night I ordered a two terabyte external powered hard drive for my Wii U. There is no Data Bank for the Wii U. Phew. Gamespot makes the astute observation that there is no indication on when this particular bundle containing all three home consoles will come to an end on GameStop.

Detail of the Sony PlayStation 4 and peripherals, including the virtual reality "Project Morpheus", during the Annual Gaming Industry Conference E3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 16, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. The Xbox One regularly costs $290 used, while the PS4 costs $320 used, and the Wii U costs $230 used.

The obvious choice for top Xbox One accessory was the Kinect, which is now available as an a la carte or standalone purchase worth $99, as opposed to bundled-in with the Xbox One console. A quick look at the retailer's site will reveal other promos that gamers can take advantage of.

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This must surely be one area that Microsoft addresses diligently with its next-generation console, as the company's decision to attempt to sell a less powerful machine at a higher price point was a massive PR own goal.

Console deal of the year: PS4, Xbox One and Wii U for $568.98 - GameStop, the store that offers a massive catalog of games, consoles and consumer electronics, on Friday announced an offer called "Pre-owned Next Generation Hardware Bundle", including a PlayStation 4, a Xbox One and a Nintendo Wii U consoles for just $568.98. The cheapest package is priced at $300 and features the 500GB version of the system and the "Gears of War Ultimate Edition".


The Xbox Two was already confirmed by Microsoft executive Phil Spencer in an interview with The Verge. Dubbed as the company's biggest online sale yet, the promo began earlier this week and will end on January 7. Xbox Live Gold members, on the other hand, will get to save more with an additional 10 percent discount. The unit also includes a front facing LED indicator which illustrates when the Xbox One™ is saving or accessing content on the hard drive.