Conor McGregor's Next Act: Hollywood With Vin Diesel


Will McGregor make $100 million from fighting alone? "My body was breaking and I needed some rest after that fight; I had five fights in a row in 11 months and it was tough for me". "Of course, the title is looming", Edgar said.

"I saw Conor's coach's [John Kavanaugh's] remark on your show [Monday's edition of The MMA Hour]". A massive featherweight, McGregor cuts a huge amount of weight to make the 145-pound limit, and at the weigh-ins he essentially looks like a skeleton dipped in wax.

"He's a great fighter, a dangerous guy, and he's gotten better, but I think I've improved even more", Dos Anjos said. The actor added that it's "very possibly" that he might end up working with McGregor. I came to stay and I want to become a lightweight legend. I'd have trouble sleeping all week. I understand why previously they would have fighters do that, because many fighters don't fight as frequently as I do. I stress maybe. Let us hope.

Weigh-ins for TUF 22 Finale were held on Thursday afternoon in the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Not everyone was sold on whether the training would pan out, but since McGregor flattened Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds, it's kind of hard to question his preparation. By the time of the weigh-in, many fans had trickled out, leaving mostly friends, family and media members.

He's the one that's been scared for so many years cutting down from 180, 175 to fight guys with less range, weight and height, while Frankie was 152 fighting 155. He ran to the Octagon for the 19th time on Friday. "Dana White, rematch right away". I wish him and his loyal team well on their journey back. "I will be back". "The trash talking didn't affect me", he said as reported by the Daily Mail. Their mega-fight had a total of $72 million live gate and a pay-per-view buys of 4.6 million.

"Yes, I am going to keep kicking ass and taking on the big names in this game". Pettis told "He wanted to put his hands on him and he got to hit him, but one guy went down and one guy didn't."... I'm not going to sit out and watch just because I have a damn belt.

Connor McGregor
Instagram He fired a toy Uzi as well as a toy handgun

"I need to win, and then we can dance, baby". "First round he clubbed me good. I'll be honest, I didn't expect that - but I didn't think it couldn't happen". Edgar later said, "It's awesome he said that".

The rest of the top 15 was Weidman, former heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, former bantamweight champion (Rowdy) Ronda Rousey, strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk and current women's bantamweight title-holder Holly Holm.

"It's 80 [expletive] degrees and sunny and beautiful and I'm about to go out and do me some wakeboarding", Cerrone said.

Fallout from Saturday's UFC 194 card has come fast and furious. This Featherweight Championship fight was billed as a "can't miss", classic toss up. Everything is positive except that I'm asked about [expletive] Conor, [expletive] Conor all [expletive] day long. "We have USADA testing now, so it's going to be all different". Conor might go up in weight'. Grab your credential and get a seat in "Press Row".


White made it clear Edgar is up next, and it's what Edgar wants.